More About Me

Sasha Fernquist is a spirited and dedicated real estate agent with a passion for helping clients navigate the dynamic world of real estate. As a former high school English teacher, Sasha offers a unique approach to the industry that is built on transparency, nurturing relationships, exceptional communication, and loyalty. Due to her background in education, Sasha has the ability to effectively communicate complex ideas, listen attentively to clients’ needs, and guide them with clarity and patience. She also brings to the table strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to simplify complicated concepts.

As a Colorado native, Sasha has a deep understanding of the local landscape and trends. She understands how much your home means to you and will work to get to know you on a personal level. Sasha is known for her integrity, zeal, unwavering work ethic; and thus, will go above and beyond to ensure her clients’ needs and wants are exceeded. Discover how Sasha Fernquist’s unique background and exceptional service can make your real estate journey a success.